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Chris Price wins Jemez 50

2017-06-03   |   VFuel Athlete wins the Jemez 50

Jemez 50 Race Report by Chris Price Us fifty mile runners started at five in the morning which required us to wear headlamps for the first four miles or so, which I always enjoy. Then we were treated to a clear pristine desert sunrise. It was cool but warm enough to start off in shorts and a... Read More ⇒

VFuel Athletes Needed

2017-01-03   |   If you are a VFuel fan, we would love to talk to you!

Do you love VFuel?   Attention VFuel fans! VFuel is presently seeking athletes — from trail runners to cyclists to triathletes from all over the United States. Acceptance into our VFuel Athlete Program gains you admittance onto our incredibly talented VFuel Athlete team, a VFuel... Read More ⇒

Dump Fructose!

2017-01-03   |   The evils of Fructose Malabsorption

The first question we get when we meet somone who is new to VFuel products is “What makes VFuel different?” Digestibility, Performance and Active Recovery is the answer! For this blog today let’s talk about “Digestibility”.  What is the biggest complaint about... Read More ⇒

Rockhard Hardrock 2 Hundred – Double Hardrock 100 Attempt July 13th-16th 2016

2016-07-26   |   VFuel cofounder, Alan Smith, attempts a double Hardrock 100!

By Alan Smith, VFuel co-founder Around the first of the year, I was out running in the snow with my friends Chris and Kari when the conversation turned to goals for the year. I didn’t have much to contribute at first, but as I continued to run and think on it, an old, mostly forgotten dream... Read More ⇒

Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report -- A First Time 100 Mile Story

2016-02-18   |   By Billy Satterwhite

Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report -- A First Time 100 Mile Story by Billy Satterwhite 2015 was a great year of running with some really big runs and new milestones. On somewhat of a whim I decided I was ready to go after my dream of running 100 miles. It was mid-December 2015 and Rocky Raccoon 100 was... Read More ⇒

Winter Training and Nutrition Tips

2015-11-19   |   Stay active as the icy grip of winter sets in!

  As we're sure you're well aware, those training runs take a bit more will power when the temperature dips and the wind kicks up. Add in icy and snowy surfaces and it's easily enough to make you stay inside where it's cozy and warm. Well here are a few tips to keep that training going year... Read More ⇒

Hardrock 100, Silver Rush 50, Golden Gate 50k

2015-07-13   |   Another great weekend to be a VFuel Athlete! Check in with Brendan Trimboli, Mike Aish, Timmy Parr, and Larisa Dannis!

 Alan Smith on the Hardrock Course “Brutal conditions this year! Anyone who finished Hardrock sure earned it. One runner counted over 150 stream crossings… there were crossings present this year that have never been there in the past. If I had to sum up the condition of the course... Read More ⇒

Yosemite Valley Circumnavigation

2015-07-07   |   VFuel Mountain Runner Eric Lee takes on a complete circumnavigation of the infamous Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley Circumnavigation 7/1/20/15 By VFuel Athlete Eric Lee   Run Stats Route Yosemite Valley Rim Circumnavigation Time on Feet 17h 55min Distance 64.5mi Elevation 15,750ft Gain/Loss ea Calories Consumed 3400... Read More ⇒

Reese Ruland on Running in the Shadow of Her Bike

2015-06-18   |   VFuel Athlete Reese Ruland set a new CR at the Quad Rock 25 miler. Pretty good for a cyclist.

by Reese Ruland Reese cruising to a new CR at the Quad Rock 25 in Ft. Collins   Ok, I'm going to admit that over the past year I kind of, sort of, became a little ensconced in the world of road biking. I could go places faster, I could geek out to new gear, half heartily joke about Strava,... Read More ⇒

Comrades, Dirty 30, Sky Running, and more!

2015-06-01   |   VFuel Athletes in action across the globe!

It was a big weekend for our VFuel Athletes all over the country and around the world! As founders of VFuel we can't tell you how awesome it is to see our athletes performing at a world class level all over the place in such a wide array of races! It never gets old to hear their stories and hear how... Read More ⇒

Tor des Geants - 2014

2014-09-26   |   VFuel Athlete Nick Pedatella's report from the 2014 Tor des Geants.

By Nick PedatellaThanks to Pillow Lab for use of the photos.  The Tor des Geants is a 336 km (~208 miles) race featuring roughly 24,000 meters (78,750 ft) of ascent, and an equal amount of descent. Though it is incredibly difficult, TdG avoids being hard purely for the sake of difficulty.... Read More ⇒

Get Your Glutes On!!

2014-07-07   |   VFuel Ambassador Kari Fraser shares some fabulous tips for getting your glutes working to make you a better runner!

Get Your Glutes On!!  contributed by VFuel Ambassador Kari Fraser   Some trends develop out of necessity, and glute strengthening in runners--especially endurance runners--seems to be one of them.  I got on the glute-recruiting train about 18 months ago, in a last ditch effort to... Read More ⇒

Transvulcania, Quad Rock, and Ice Age!

2014-05-12   |   VFuel athletes racing around the world!

It was a huge weekend for our athletes! We had athletes running all over the world and there were just too many results to keep everyone up to date via social media... below is a brief run down of what went on... we'll start with the race that the ultra running world had their eyes focused on over... Read More ⇒

Getting off on the right foot in 2014

2014-04-01   |   Rob Lalus training for the Grand Slam of Ultra Running!

by Robert Lalus As 2013 came to a close I knew a lot of things in my life were changing, for the better! The previous 2 years consisted of an insane work and commuting schedule. I took time off to travel and for races but my day to day training was inconsistent at best. My life was chaos. On... Read More ⇒

Win a Longs Peak Plaque!

2014-03-17   |   From VFuel Ambassador Erik Stensland, renowned landscape photographer.

THE DETAILS: A 24"x36" plaque mounted print of Erik Stensland's 'Longs Awakening'$690.00 Value!!Enter 'LongsPeak' in the coupon code field during check-outWinner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, April 1, 2014! VFuel Ambassador, Erik Stensland, is a highly renowned landscape photographer in... Read More ⇒

New Vfuel Flavors Coming Soon!

2014-02-10   |   We're adding some more delicious flavors to our endurance gel family!

With the increase in demand for VFuel growing quickly, we have sold out of Vanilla and Peach Cobbler VFuel! We have more product well on its way to your tummy as production is going on right now! We will continue to offer Vanilla and Peach Cobbler VFuel but will be  discontinuing Chocolate in... Read More ⇒

VFuel Athletes Toeing the Line...

2014-01-30   |   A few big races this weekend!

This is a big weekend for VFuel Athletes! Two big Ultras are going on and we'll be well represented at both! As well as having the favorite at the Tallehassee Marathon! Sean O'Brien 50 Two VFuel athletes will be toeing the line tomorrow at the Sean O'Brien 50. Timothy Olson is coming off of... Read More ⇒

Don't Chance It! Day 4

2014-01-25   |   Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition

Welcome back for day four of our 'Don't roll the dice...' discount series! All week we'll be offering steep deals to try to move what little is left of our inventory in order to make room for the new stuff coming soon! Why chance using another gel? VFuel offers superior performance, unmatched... Read More ⇒

Don't Chance It! Day 3

2014-01-24   |   Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition!

Welcome back for day three of our 'Don't roll the dice...' discount series! All week we'll be offering steep deals to try to move what little is left of our inventory in order to make room for the new stuff coming soon! Why chance using another gel? VFuel offers superior performance, unmatched... Read More ⇒

Don't Chance It! Day 2

2014-01-23   |   Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition!

Welcome back for day two of our 'Don't roll the dice...' discount series! All week we'll be offering steep deals to try to move what little is left of our inventory in order to make room for the new stuff coming soon! Why chance using another gel? VFuel offers superior performance, unmatched... Read More ⇒

Don't Chance It! Day 1

2014-01-22   |   Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition

Why chance using another gel? VFuel offers superior performance, unmatched recovery, and ease of digestion that you wont find anywhere else! Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition! Let us do it for you! All this week we'll be offering big discounts while rolling the dice for you! Today... Read More ⇒

Hardrock Hundred Race Report

2013-08-15   |   VFuel founder Alan Smith writes about his 2nd finish of the Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run.

Alan cruising up Green Mountain with Vestal & Arrow Peaks as the backdrop. So I somehow managed to win the Hardrock 100 lottery two years in a row (which I accept as more of a blessing than a curse!)  I first did this race last year, and was eager to do it again since my... Read More ⇒

Double Pemi Loop

2013-08-07   |   The Pemi Loop is a rugged 31.5 mile ridge top route in New Hampshire's White Mountains. It gains close to 10,000 feet of elevation as it crosses the summits of eight of New Hampshire's four thousand footers: Bondcliff, Bond, South Twin, Garfield, Lincoln

By Rob Lalus The Pemi Loop is a rugged 31.5 mile ridge top route in New Hampshire's White Mountains. It gains close to 10,000 feet of elevation as it crosses the summits of eight of New Hampshire's  four thousand footers: Bondcliff, Bond, South Twin, Garfield, Lincoln, Lafayette, Flume and... Read More ⇒

Larisa Dannis - Vermont 100 Winner

2013-07-23   |   Never before had I experienced such steady, consistent energy during a race, and I’m recovering faster than ever.

Photo by Patchanida Pongsubkarun By Larisa Dannis Proper fueling and hydration are absolutely critical when running endurance events. It’s always an incredible feeling to discover a product that helps you achieve your goals, as I can attest to when I began using VFuel. Finding the right... Read More ⇒

Granite/Storm Pass Loop

2013-07-07   |   Classic run in Rocky Mountain National Park

By VFuel co-founder Michael Hodges For those who are unfamiliar with our home stomping grounds, we get to play in Rocky Mountain National Park very often! One of the classic loops through the heart of the park is known as the Granite/Storm Pass Loop. There are a few variations you can choose from... Read More ⇒

Colorado 14ers

2013-06-27   |   Eric Lee has the 14ers about wrapped up!

Colorado 14ers A few weeks ago a friend asked me how many Colorado 14ers I had yet to climb, to which I responded “I don’t know?”. Upon looking this up I realized I only had 12 left, all of which could probably be done in 6 separate day trips, not bad. For many years I’ve... Read More ⇒

Race Report: Josh Arthur's running of the San Juan Solstice 50 miler

2013-06-26   |   Just one of those days... Battered, bruised, & a little bit bloody.

Josh (3rd) in 8:39:03, Dakota Jones (1st) in 7:35:03 with a new CR, and Jason Schlarb (2nd) in 8:07:13 Just one of those days… Battered, bruised, & a little bit bloody. On Friday afternoon I caught a ride down to Lake City with my friend Lara Moscatelli. We were both running the SJS... Read More ⇒

LCW and Longs Peak

2013-06-12   |   VFuel Runner Eric Lee has a big training weekend in preparation for the Hardrock Hundred

Crossing 'The Narrows' on the Keyhole Route (photo by Eric Lee) With only five weeks left until the Hardrock 100, I still sit in the precarious position of being 2nd on the first timer wait list, so close, but no certainty of getting in. The only thing I can control is to keep training, and with... Read More ⇒


2013-05-16   |   The next installment of our ingredient series looks at Guluronolactone, a wonderful supplement with many benefits for the endurance athlete.

Don’t let this ingredient scare you! Glucuronolactone occurs in your body naturally and is an important structural component in nearly all connective tissue, and is a naturally occurring metabolite found in your liver.  The very simple explanation of how Glucuronolactone is beneficial to... Read More ⇒

MS Run the U.S.

2013-04-15   |   Our good friend Jay Rawlings runs a long way for a great cause!

Jay Rawlings prepares for his 7 marathons in 7 days as he takes part in the MS Run Across the US.  I passed Ashley Kumlien around mile 30 of the North Face Endurance Challenge Madison 50 miler. It was just another race. She was just another runner. I said hi. She said hi. We probably wished... Read More ⇒

VFuel Gear!

2013-04-04   |   New Gear and 40% Off Gel!

  As many of you may have noticed we have a new look and a new name here at VFuel! You can read all about the name change and the new look here: VFuel Blog We are very excited to move forward under these changes and are looking to have a fantastic year and a great summer season! ... Read More ⇒

Antelope Island 100

2013-03-26   |   Kristel Liddle sets the course record at the Buffalo Run!

By Kristel Liddle Kristel and her crew, Cat & Justin I wanted a flat spring hundred miler to start the season so after waiting too long to sign up for Rocky Raccoon, I chose Antelope Island 100.  I had a great training period and was a good girl, doing my track workouts and tempo... Read More ⇒


2013-03-19   |   Benefits for the endurance athlete

Co-founder Alan Smith finishing the Rocky Mountain Slam - Bear 100 - Fish Haven, Idaho Taurine is an ingredient we’re sure you have heard of. We’re just not sure you’ve heard how beneficial it can be for an endurance athlete like yourself. There are a few reasons we include it in... Read More ⇒

Vi Fuel is now VFuel!

2013-03-05   |   Changes for the good...

You may have noticed something different! We have a new look, new name, and new logo, but we still offer the same superior product we've offered all along! We are very excited about the changes we have been going through over the past couple of months and are thrilled to show these changes to you! ... Read More ⇒

Get Fat


We are proud to be one of the first endurance gels to have an actual fat source. But we don't use just any fat, we use an MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride oil), or fractionated coconut or palm kernel oil. You may wonder why this is a good thing or why we are proud to have it in our gel. There are... Read More ⇒

Cyber Monday 40% Off!

2012-11-21   |   VI ENDURANCE

Hi there Vi Nation! Just a heads up that we will be offering 40% off on Cyber Monday, November 26th! Click the 'Buy Now' button above and enter code 'cybermonday' when promted and the 40% off discount will be applied to your order! We all wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We are certainly thankful... Read More ⇒

KT DeSantis: Leadwoman and Silver Medalist at the 24 hour Championship

2012-10-24   |   VI ENDURANCE

KT grinding it out in the 24 hour Championship     Earlier in the year we had the privilege of meeting KT & Marc DeSantis. They are both very strong and enthusiastic endurance athletes excelling in both ultra distance biking and running. This year KT placed 2nd in the USA 24 hour... Read More ⇒

Run Rabbit Run 70 (20 + 50)

2012-09-17   |   By Nick Pedatella

Nick after finishing 3rd in the 50!   Well that didn't exactly go as planned…Following two 100 milers earlier in the year (Massanutten and Hardrock) where I felt as though my runs were hampered by a calf injury, I was looking forward to finally getting in a good run at the inaugural... Read More ⇒

Cascade Crest 100 Race Report

2012-09-04   |   By Josh Arthur

  I am still fairly new to ultra running, just recently making the jump last summer. Having only competed in two 50 milers to date I was eager to get my first 100 miler under way. My training was great this summer, and I had every intention of competing at the front from the start, yet I was... Read More ⇒

Rob Howard Ultrarunning Testimonial

2012-08-29   |   VFuel

Rob, feeling the Vi, on his way out of Fish Hatchery (mile 23) at the Leadville 100.   Rob Howard has, like many in the sport, a fantastic story. He's a great guy, one of those you can't help but like the first time you meet him. He's unassuming, happy, and you can tell he truly loves his... Read More ⇒

The Funny Thing About Plans...

2012-07-10   |   By Reese Ruland

When I was little (as in age, not height..) I planned on becoming a horse trainer who lived in a barn/house combo next door to my mom and dad. I also planned on being fantastically rich, which would allow me to pursue my world traveling desires. Aside from being an independently wealthy horse... Read More ⇒

Estes Park Marathon

2012-07-09   |   By Kendrick Callaway

  Ah, Sunday—the day to reflect on the past seven days of running and ponder the week to come. I had just completed a 101 mile week with 25k feet of vertical gain so naturally this was done at the West End Tavern over a few pints. Just as I was scheming plans for an even bigger week l I... Read More ⇒

Massanutten Mountain Trail 100

2012-05-30   |   By Nick Pedatella

Sitting on a rock pouring water over my head was definitely not the place I wanted to be in with 30+ more miles to cover. Yet, there I was after slowly grinding to a halt as the climb steepened. I simply felt like I could not keep moving forward at this point. After several minutes Dan Rose (who was... Read More ⇒