Ben Tedore

Ben Tedore

I got into running as a way to stay healthy after college. 

I had always been active in mountain sports but running

was a good way to maintain a high level of fitness and

overall health.  I then discovered ultra/mountain running.

It turns out Reno/Tahoe are great places for trail ultra-running.

My love for it grew as I started exploring more and more.

I made dozens of good friends through running and I found

myself winning some races. I was hooked on the competitive

part as well as the adventures and friendships it provided.

Hometown: Reno, NV

Real Job: 


Social Media:   strava  twitter  ig

Favorite Beer:  I really like imperial stouts but will drink almost anything.

Guilty Pleasure:  DONUTS

Other Hobbies:  bikepacking, backpacking, backcountry skiing

Pet:  A Cairn Terrier named Dorothy, you know, just like Toto on the Wizard of Oz.

Favorite thing about VFuel:  The taste and smoothness of the their gels. They are a small business who really cares about their athletes.

Favorite recovery meal:  pizza, burritos or donuts

Favorite trail running memory:  So many! I have a good story of getting lost and spending the night in the woods without a light. It was kind of scary at the time but a great story in hindsight. I also ran the last few miles of the Marin Ultra Challenge with Lance Armstrong and beat him right at the end-which was fun!


Silver State 50 – cancelled
Tahoe Rim Trail 50 - cancelled 
Local FKT
Run Rabbit Run 100 - Sept 18th

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?

Don't get too sucked into the numbers (mileage, vert, pace) when training. Enjoy the actual activity, explore, push yourself, respect the older generations and what they did to cultivate the sport, and eat donuts.

Athletic Accomplishments:

2018 Tahoe Rim Trail 50mi, 1st place
2018 Silver State 50, 3rd place
2017 Tahoe Rim Trail 55k, 1st place
Ruby Crest Trail FKT