We highly recommend using VFuel for just about every training workout 30 minutes or longer. The recovery benefits are so great that it will help with overall long term fitness by allowing your muscles, and other bodily systems, to bounce back faster after just about any kind of workout. The delay of onset muscle fatigue is substantial and recovery times are noticeably less when using VFuel during your training.

VFuel Endurance Gel Usage Suggestions

Please note that these are just suggestions. We strongly recommend experimenting and finding the right level of VFuel intake for you over various workouts/races and under various outside factors such as terrain, exertion level, weather, etc… Everyone is different and you need to find what works for you! A 200 lb male trying to set a PR in the marathon will require a different intake than a 100 lb female simply wanting to finish a 100 mile run.

Suggested Usage

Consume one packet 15 minutes before your workout or race and take one packet just after you get finished with the workout or race. During the activity, take one packet every 30 – 45 minutes and always follow with water.

VFuel can be used as your primary source of calories for just about any distance or level of exertion. However, experiment with other options, such as solid foods, to supplement your caloric intake and do what works best for you. Some people take 3 gels per hour during a 100 mile run and that’s all they need. Others will consume one gel per hour and then get another 100-200 calories (depending on many variables) from other sources. Again, you know what you need. Do what works best for you. Get out there and see what your body needs.

Alternative Uses

There are a variety of ways to use VFuel Endurance Gel. Don’t think you have to simply consume directly from the packet every time. Get creative!

Water Bottle

Some people prefer to squeeze two packets into approximately 20oz of water and use the bottle for both hydration and nutrition needs during their workout. This works great for cyclists as one would not need to open packets of gel while riding. You can vary the amount based on the length of the workout, weather conditions, intensity, or terrain. 

Gel Flasks

If you don’t want to mess with opening packets during your workout and don’t want to put the gel directly into your water, you can always empty the packets into gal flasks. We recommend the Ultimate Direction flasks, but there are many that you can choose from. The 4oz UD flask will hold approximately 4 packets. This makes it very easy to fuel while out on your run/bike. It also enables you to vary your gel intake. You could take a small squeeze every 10 minutes or take a full ounce every 30 minutes. It gives you a bit more freedom with your caloric intake. Note that in the coming years we do hope to offer some form of bulk gel.

On Your Food!

We have gotten emails with pictures of people using VFuel in some very creative ways. One cyclist inTexas puts Peach Cobbler VFuel on his oatmeal before every ride. We have many tell us they use the various flavors in their morning coffee before a run or ride. 

Please note that VFuel does contain some potassium and magnesium. These are not in our formula with the purpose of adding electrolytes to your body. These are in there for their ammonia scavenging and antioxidant properties. We recommend getting your electrolytes from outside sources such as electrolyte tablets. The amount of electrolytes you may need on any given day or any given workout will vary greatly. Your needs on a 25 degree day on an hour long run will be completely different than that would be if you were 28 miles into a 50k on a 90 degree day. For a gel to have an 'optimal' level of electrolytes is simply inaccurate and misleading. 

Also note that we do have caffeine in our formula. This is not in there to act as a stimulant in any way. It is there to help your body absorb and utilize the carbs that are present more efficiently. It is a very small amount and only the most sensitive to caffeine will be able to feel any effect. If you do need additional caffeine during a workout or race we recommend looking to outside sources for your caffeine needs. Caffeine pills, caffeinated drinks, or espresso beans seem to work well for people looking for a little boost!