Melissa Fairey

Melissa Fairey

I ran my first 5k at age 6, and grew up running and playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and gymnastics since I had so much energy! In high school, I made running my main sport and continued my running career by competing in Cross Country and Track and Field at Georgia Tech. Post college, I shifted my focus to the half marathon and marathon since I love long distance. Running makes me so happy, and I love to run with my friends everyday! I have a competitive side and I love competing in races and pushing myself to be the best I can!

Hometown: Born and raised in Charleston, SC. Now live in Houston, TX

Real Job: Subsea Engineer at BP

Social Media:  strava 

Favorite Beer or Wine: I love wine- Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec!

Guilty Pleasure: Cookie cake

Other Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, trying out new restaurants and reading

Pets: My family at home has an English Springer Spaniel named Kelly who loves to wear hats and go swimming at the beach!

Best thing about VFuel: Vfuel doesn't hurt my stomach! I drink the endurance drink mix before workouts/races, and take gels during the race and have no GI issues. Big win for me!

Best recovery meal: Pasta with bison meatballs, and lots of bread!

Favorite trail running memory: Leadville Heavy Half! I grew up going to Leadville to hike, and this was my first trail marathon. Coming from sea-level, the altitude made it super rough but I had a blast and the views were beautiful! Can't wait to run it again in 2021!

Schedule: I competed in the Olympic Marathon Trials earlier this year. My next major race is the NYC Marathon this fall!

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Just get out there and run! During your "easy" running days, take it easy and do not push the pace- the slower the better! Find a running group to run with- great way to make friends and get out of bed in the morning to get your run in!

Athletic Accomplishments

Half Marathon PR: 1:13:54 Aramco Houston Half Marathon 2020

Marathon PR: 2:39:41 Illinois Marathon 2019

2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier

3rd place Female- Leadville Heavy Half 2019