The First True Endurance Gel

What makes VFuel different? What is in this VFuel Endurance Gel that separates it from the many others available? Are these differences substantial and how will athletes benefit from using VFuel over other gels?

These are questions that, among many others, we asked ourselves when deciding whether or not to bring VFuel to you, the endurance athlete. There are quite a few gels on the market today and many have served a good purpose. However, as more people enter endurance based sports, and as more people see the benefits of fueling with energy gels, the more folks are learning about what their bodies can handle given the right support and proper nutrition.

Every ingredient in VFuel serves a specific purpose in an effort to fuel you in the best ways possible.

How Do We Stack Up?

Based on 32g of VFuel Endurance Gel, One Serving

How Does VFuel Stack up










The Most Easily Digestible Gel On The Market. Period.                                   #DumpFructose

By staying completely, 100% away from Fructose, our formula is the easiest on the stomach, hands down. Yes, this is a bold statement, but we stand by it and our customers can attest to the fact that even the most sensitive stomachs can use VFuel for hours and hours and stay perfectly happy! When compared to other products, such as GU, Clif Shot, Honey Stinger, and Hammer Gel, it's really no comparison and athletes are taking notice. VFuel, like other energy gels, starts with maltodextrin as the primary carbohydrate. But from there, we take a very different path. Most other gels use Fructose, or some sort of rice syrup or evaporated cane juice, all containing Fructose. VFuel uses Dextrose as its secondary carb, a more expensive (on our end) option, but one that is drastically easier to digest.

A very high percentage of complaints we hear about gels in general are in regards to digestibility issues. We hear people say that gels make them nauseated, gets them bloated, ‘backs them up,’ or even causes diarrhea. These issues are a direct result from the simple sugar that is used in most energy gels, Fructose

Provides Smooth and Consistent Energy For Long Days...

With the blend of Dextrose and Maltodextrin, VFuel Endurance Gel doesn't cause the spikes and dips in energy that all other gels seem to create. The fructose in other gels gets used so quickly, or doesn't get used at all due to fructose malabsorption, the "Malto" doesn't have the opportunity to break down in time to keep there from being a dip in energy levels. And with the evenly absorbed MCT oil in our gel, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that one's body uses fat in order to further stabilize and maintain even energy burn throughout training and racing.

Active Recovery

VFuel Endurance Gel performs. Period. VFuel Endurance Gel contains our proprietary blend of supplements and amino acids that comprise our VFuel Endurance Formula. Ammonia scavenging ingredients help to recycle toxic ammonia and keep muscle fresh, reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and help get you back on the trail as soon as soon as possible feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back after it! All other gels fall short in this area. You will feel the difference when using VFuel.

But we can make claims all day long and it won’t compare to actually experiencing the difference. You can read reviews from very happy customers on our facbook page, from bloggers across the internet, and from all of our athletes (who’s only requirement is to truly believe in the product). But again, nothing will do it justice until you try it for yourself.

"VFuel keeps my energy levels more constant for longer periods of time when compared to other fuels. Because of VFuel's unique formula my stomach doesn't become upset and I am able to run faster and longer."

-VFuel Athlete Sage Canaday