Dominic Grossman

Dominic Grossman

I'm a man of the mountains.

I call Southern California home, but can usually be found somewhere steep and beautiful.

I'm thankful to start my days in pursuit of adrenaline and beautiful sunrises with my girl (fellow VFuel athlete, Katie DeSplinter), and I'm proud to share almost every sunset with her in an exhausted stupor.

When I’m not running, I help manage a cable assembly company and develop new products that keep the world spinning madly on. 

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Residence: The San Gabriel Mountains

Footwear: New Balance Vazee Summit



Favorite Beer: Mammoth Brewing - IPA 395

Best recovery meal: Turkey Cranberry Wrap (AKA: "The Downhill") from Jensen's Market in Wrightwood, CA. 

Guilty Pleasure: Hazelnut Wafer Cookies (Quadratini!) 

Other Hobbies: Writing, reading, drinking tea, heckling the community

Best thing about VFuel: It works! Can't recall ever getting nauseous or bonking using it.

Favorite running memory: Winning the 2013 AC and getting surprised by my Dad at the finish. 

Running Accomplishments

2016 Lake Sonoma 50, 36th place
2016 Avalon Benefit 50, 2nd place
2015 Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc, 73rd place
2015 Speedgoat 50K, 35th place
2015 Gorge Waterfalls 100K, 29th place
2014 Angeles Crest 100, 3rd place
2014 Western States 100, 18th place
2014 Shadow of the Giants 50K, 2nd place
2014 Gorge Waterfalls 50K, 3rd place
2014 Sean O’Brien 50, 5th place
2013 Los Pinos 50K, 2nd place
2013 Angeles Crest 100, 1st place
2013 Old Goats 50, 3rd place
2013 Mt. Mitchell Challenge-40 Miler, 3rd place
2013 Ray Miller 50K, 3rd place
2013 Winter Trail Run Series 15K, 3rd place
2012 XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot, 3rd place
2012 XTERRA Point Mugu Trail Run, 4th place
2012 Ultra Race of Champions 100K, 13th place
2012 Mt. Disappointment 50K, 2nd place
2012 Hardrock 100, 14th place
2012 Leona Divide 50, 9th place
2012 Old Goats 50, 2nd place
2011 North Face Endurance Challenge 50, 27th place
2011 Santa Monica Mountains 50K, 2nd place
2011 Los PInos 50K, 3rd place
2011 Bulldog 50K, 3rd place
2011 Angeles Crest 100, 1st place
2011 Old Goats 50, 3rd place
2010 Santa Monica Mountains 50K, 2nd place
2010 Angeles Crest 100, 7th place
2010 Badwatewr Ultramarathon, 9th place
2010 Miwok 100K, 11th place
2010 American River 50, 10th place
2010 Rocky Raccoon 50, 1st place
2010 XTERRA Boney Mountain Trail Run, 5th place
2009 XTERRA Topanga Turkey Trot, 5th place
2009 Santa Monica Mountains 50K, 1st place
2009 Javelina 100, 6th place
2009 XTERRA Point Mugu Trail Run, 1st place
2009 Bulldog 50K, 1st place
2009 Mt. Disappointment 50K, 5th place
2009 Shadow of the Giants 50K, 15th place
2009 XTERRA Malibu Creek Trail Run, 6th place
2008 High Desert 50K, 13th place
2008 Santa Monica Mountains 50K, 6th place
2008 Rio Del Lago 100, 24th place
2008 Mt. Disappointment 50, 33rd place
2008 Sequoia 50K, 3rd place