The First True Endurance Drink

With our VFuel Endurance Gel crushing the performance of existing gels on the market we designed our VFuel Endurance Drink Mix in four lovable flavors-Ginger Twist, Cool Lime, Black Cherry Cola and Tangerine Cream. Our drink mix is nearly identical to the gel and can be used in place of it to supply all your caloric and electrolyte needs or use it along with our gels which contain MCT oil for smooth fueling all day.

How Do We Stack Up?

Based on 51g of VFuel Endurance Drink Mix, One Serving

How Does VFuel Stack up









The Most Easily Digestible Drink Mix On The Market. Period.                        #DumpFructose

By staying completely, 100% away from Fructose, our formula is the easiest on the stomach, hands down. Yes, this is a bold statement, but we stand by it and our customers can attest to the fact that even the most sensitive stomachs can use VFuel for hours and hours and stay perfectly happy! When compared to other products, such as GU Brew and Skratch, It's really no comparison and athletes are taking notice.

Provides Smooth and Consistent Energy For Long Days...

By only using Dextrose as the source of fuel in VFuel Endurance Drink Mix, our formula provides and maintains solid and consistent energy for miles and miles! We hear it all the time! Our customers and fans report their experiences include sustained and smooth energy without the dreaded spikes and crashes. Consistent energy for those long runs and cycling days.

Active Recovery

VFuel Endurance Drink Mix contains our proprietary blend of supplements and amino acids that comprise our VFuel Endurance Formula. Ammonia scavenging ingredients help to recycle toxic ammonia and keep muscle fresh, reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, and help get you back on the trail as soon as soon as possible feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back after it! Every other product falls short. EVERY ONE! Skratch? Nope. Tailwind? Not even close. VFuel stands alone as the only endurance drink with 5 active recovery components.

"VFuel has no flavor fatigue! While other brands flavors get tiresome, VFuel always tastes great! Even late in a race!"

-Retired VFuel Athlete Mike Aish