Taylor Bodin

Taylor Bodin

In 3rd grade, I ran the mile and won with a broken arm. The competitive spirit caught me. I wanted to do the same thing every year after that! So, I did and kept enjoying it. My mom and brother easily talked me into running track & field and cross country - in which I would go on to compete collegiately in both and become a three time All-American and Northwestern College, IA. After college, my wife Dawn and I moved to Colorado where my passions of being in nature and running was refreshed by an introduction to trail running. We all know how that story goes. A few years and ultras later, my passions for moving in wild places and challenging myself continue to grow.

Hometown:  Estes Park, CO

Real Job:  Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher and Coach

Social Media: strava instagram instagram

Favorite Beer or Wine: Denver Beer Company Graham Cracker Porter

Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Taylor Swift on long road trips.

Other Hobbies: Spending a lot of time with family, cooking, and looking at maps.

Pets: None

Best thing about VFuel: My favorite thing about VFuel is that it is consistent. Both Gels and Drink Mix show up every single time with good clean energy to keep on going!

Best recovery meal: Peanut butter toast with honey, chia, and cinnamon with a glass of blended ice Cool Lime VFuel drink mix.

Favorite trail running memory: I entered the Estes Epic on a whim (and out of shape) to try to win the cash prize so that I could donate it to an athlete of mine who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Almost every step I thought and prayed for him. I ended up winning and was able to donate the money to his family.

Schedule: My races have been cancelled but I’ll be trying some local FKT attempts all summer!

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Simply enjoy the process. It take time. It takes effort. Run in a way that feeds your passion.

Running Accomplishments:

Palisades Ultra Bear 100 – 2019, 3rdplace
Jemez Mountain Trail run 50 - 2019, 3rd place
Quad Rock 25 – 2019, 5th place
Estes Epic - 2018, 1st place
Aspen Backcountry Marathon – 2018, 5th place
The Never Summer 100K – 2017, 7th place
The North Face Wisconsin - 2016, 5th place
Continental Divide Trail run - 2016, 1st place
Golden Gate Dirty 30 – 2015, 39th place
The Bear Chase 10K – 2014, 2nd place
NAIA Track & Field All-American 2013, 2014,