Jacob Stevens

Jacob Stevens

I grew up a swimmer and was an NCAA Division I athlete at the smallest D1 school in the nation, Centenary College of Louisiana (Go Gents!).

During college I got into martial arts in which I received a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, brown ranking in Muay Thai, and black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I dabbled in triathlons for a few years.

It was after I read Hal Koerner’s book Field Guide to Ultrarunning that I became interested in ultrarunning. I signed up for my first running race as an adult, The Crazy Desert 100k in 2017. I Googled how far 100 kilometers was and immediately knew I was in trouble. I trained my ass off for 90 days and finished the race, it was then I knew I had found my passion.


Hometown: Dalhart, TX

Real Job: Laboratory Technician


Social Media:   strava 

Favorite Beer: Over 3 years sober!! So Kombucha and Ginger Beer are my favorites these days…that counts right?

Guilty Pleasure: Pedicures complete with having my nails painted with a racing stripe (it makes me faster).

Other Hobbies: Combat Sports/Martial Arts, book collecting, reading, writing (I am a published author), staff columnist for Human Potential Running Series, swimming, surfing, snorkeling and boating

Pets: A 90 lb. sweetheart of a pitbull named Santiago

Best thing about VFuel: The continued digestibility over the course of 30+ hrs during 100-mile races (200 this year!) …and salted caramel apple gels.

Best recovery meal:: Margherita pizza with olive and jalapeno.

Favorite trail running memory:  Crossing the finish line of my 1st 100-mile finish with my 63-year-old father who basically came off the couch to run 14 miles with me.


Outlaw 135
Dustbowl Trail Run (volunteer)
Trans-TX via Route 66 FKT (178 miles)
Mace's Hideout 100
Angel Fire 100
Silver Heels
Leadville Trail 100(volunteer)
Sangre de Cristo 200 (volunteer)
Indian Creek Fifties (volunteer)
The Hitchcock Experience

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Be Patient! Patient in your training, patient in your progression, and patient in your racing.

Athletic Accomplishments

- NCAA Division I athlete (Centenary College of LA 2002-2005 - swimming)

- Tae Kwon Do blackbelt

- 9th overall and 2nd in the 30-35 age group at the 2017 USAT Iron-distance Triathlon National Championships.

- Ran a relay 1,032 miles across the state of Texas in which I personally ran 516 miles.

- Completed 46 runs of 50 km or more (24 official races) including 7 100-mile races

- 2nd place at the Dreadmill 100-Mile Challenge (16:52:00)