As an endurance athlete, your body uses certain things, such as sugars, fats, and proteins when you are engaged in your activity of choice. You need to replace these somehow. We have made VFuel with the capability of being able to provide fuel that your body needs to optimally perform. We know... of course we are going to say this. But let us explain just how we do things a bit differently.

Everything in our gel works together to provide a few different things. We aren't just maltodextrin and fructose with a couple of aminos thrown in to be 'different.' In fact, many aminos that are used in some of our competitors gels aren't necessary to replace until hours into an event.

First of all, as explained on our VFuel Advantage page, VFuel is very easy to digest. The most easily digestible gel on the market. So you can actually use it for long periods of time without negative Gi effects. We feel this is vitally important. We could have the most perfect supplement in the world but what would the point be if most people can't digest it properly?

Next, many of our ingredients act as fantastic detoxifiers (OKG, Citrulline Malate). This prevents muscle damage as you're engaged in your activity of choice, it promotes greater endurance, and it facilitates much faster recovery.

In addition, we use several different metabolic pathways to provide fuel to your body. We don't just have malto and a simple sugar. That is just one of the many pathways to fuel your muscles. We also use MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) as a way to get energy passively diffused through the Gi tract and used without much effort from your body. MCT oil requires very little energy for absorption, utilization, or storage, while, at the same time, being a dense source of calories. A perfect marriage for the endurance athlete. MCT also acts as a mild anti-inflammatory by killing some of the troublesome microorganisms in the Gi tract that cause irritation and inflammation. Also, the small amount of Glucuronolactone in VFuel helps to keep your glycogen levels in your liver at a more consistent and higher level allowing your liver to release the glucose that your body is calling for when you're engaged in endurance sports.

While we do not have a complete protein in VFuel, it would just require far more preservatives than we were comfortable with,  we do have several amino acids that help keep basal levels up in an effort to better utilize protein your body has on hand naturally. OKG, Citrulline, & Taurine are examples of this. These get depleted relatively quickly and, therefore, need to be replaced from the get go. We don't have obscene amounts in the gel as we wanted to use the minimum effective dose. We have levels that are high enough to do their job, and do it well, but not so high that it is stacking or wasteful.

VFuel is a very complete endurance gel using innovative and varying pathways to fuel your body. This keeps certain systems in good working order without taxing them by flooding those pathways with more than they can handle. See, and feel, the difference for yourself. You won't be sorry.