The VFuel Story

VFuel was founded in 2011 by friends and ultra runners in Estes Park, CO.

Over the course of several years, through extensive research, testing, and field use, we developed our own endurance gel that did more than just give a quick spot of energy or put unnecessary "trendy" ingredients inside just for the sake of having them. We recognized the three requests that endurance athletes have of their sports nutrition; taste, quality, and performance. Nothing out there truly had all three from an endurance athletes perspective, and we wanted to change that. Runners, triathletes, cyclists, etc, devote so much time and effort into their passion, why shouldn't they expect a product that gives it all to them?

VFuel does just that. We spent several years fine tuning the ingredients for optimal performance based both on the science behind each ingredient and actual field testing through training and racing for races such as the Leadville 100, Hardrock 100, Ironman, Bighorn Mountain 100, Bear 100, and Rocky Raccoon 100, as well as many shorter races at every distance. This was definitely a team effort and what resulted was a gel that not only tastes fantastic, but uses high quality ingredients, and performs better than any 'energy' gel out there. Our lab coats are tech shirts and running shorts, our lab spans the trails, mountains, races, bike paths, and open spaces in our back yard. Our office is lit by the sun and the moon, cooled by the rain and the wind, and warmed by sunny Colorado days. It is here that we developed VFuel.