Sean Olsen

Sean Olson

I got into running...

Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Real Job: City of Boise Finance Department

Social Media:  strava 

Favorite Beer or Wine: Boise Brewing Better Hazy Than Never.

Guilty Pleasure: Anything peanut butter related.

Other Hobbies: Cyclocross, Biking and Swimming

Pets: I have 4! A 6 year old Australian Shepherd/Catahoula names Indy, a 2 year old white German Shepherd and 2 cats aged 10 and 6 named Leo and Sammy

Best thing about VFuel: Refreshing taste no matter the flavor, never have to force it down.

Best recovery meal: Burritos

Favorite trail running memory: Finishing the Antelope Island 100 miler and proposing to my future Wife

Schedule: McCall trail classic 40 mile and IMTUF 100 mile

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: McCall trail classic 40 mile and IMTUF 100 mile

Athletic Accomplishments

3x IMTUF 100 finisher

2xAntelope Island 100 mile finisher

Cascade Crest and Javekina Jundred 100 mile finishes

sub 3 marathon runner

Many other ultras from 100k to 50k