Monica Lee

Monica Lee

Growing up with a lot of boy cousins I had to learn to keep up. I participated in traveling teams for soccer and basketball and did some track. Eventually I choose soccer as my main sport competing in college and played outside midfield, where I would run a lot. After college I got into endurance sports and became hooked. I started to run different distances (5K and 30k) enjoying the process of being outside in a nature and perfecting my pace and learning about my nutrition. Not only did I run, but I started competing in triathlons where I had to learn to swim. Eventually, I learned there was a sport called duathlons where it was just running and biking, but the running portion is what I enjoyed the most. Meeting new people along the way and learning how to push through challenges has led me to continue my love of running.

Hometown:  Piedmont, California

Real Job:  Wellness Manager at NBCUniversal


Social Media:  instagram

Favorite Beer or Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor and vegan ice cream

Other Hobbies: Creating new healthy recipes, cooking, traveling, teaching others to live a healthy lifestyle, and empowering others to be active.

Pets: No pet but I have a son 😊

Best thing about VFuel: Convenient nutrients, that do not taste too sweet and gives me the punch I need to excel for my workouts.

Best recovery meal: Fish tacos

Favorite trail running memory: Rodeo Beach Trail Run 30K in Sausalito, California. My cousins and I all did a different distance and it was the longest I had run before doing this particular distance. From there, I learned that I could push myself even more and do longer distances!

Schedule: Currently on my road to recovery from ankle surgery, but hoping some races open next year that I can sign up for.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Enjoy the sport, listen to your body, take time to recover, and eat a balanced diet.

Running Accomplishments:

Competed in 40 races

2017 Ranked 16th in my age group overall, 2nd in the Southwest, and 1st in California

2018 Competed with Team USA at the ITU World Championship in Odense, Denmark for Draft Legal Sprint Duathlon - 8th in age group