Victoria Robitaille

Victoria Robitaille

I started running in middle school and was one of the slowest kids on the team. I was stubborn and wanted to prove to myself and everybody that I can do well. I ended up getting full athletic scholarship to a university in Ukraine and had a successful collegiate career. After I moved to USA I ran to meet people and join clubs and ended up being competitive.

Hometown:  Krivoi Rog, Ukraine

Real Job:  High School Substitute teacher + track coach + M.Ed student

Social Media: strava instagram 

Favorite Beer or Wine: Even Mo' Mofo by Sand City Brewing

Guilty Pleasure: Five Guys burger with fries and beer after long run

Other Hobbies: I am a decent baker, I bake quiches, cookies, tarts, muffins, cupcakes etc.

Pets: 2 adorable cats Reeses and Yoshi

Best thing about VFuel: It’s delicious!!! VFuel doesn't make feel sick like other brands do

Best recovery meal: Carrot Ginger Soup and Quiche.

Favorite trail running memory: Running upstate NY in the woods and seeing bear's footprints in the snow

Schedule: short local races for now, Boston marathon in the fall, x-country nationals

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Recovery is as important as working out. So sleep, stretch and fuel!

Running Accomplishments:

olympic trials qualifying time in the marathon distance