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Chris Price wins Jemez 50

2017-06-03   |   VFuel Athlete wins the Jemez 50

Jemez 50 Race Report by Chris Price Us fifty mile runners started at five in the morning which required us to wear headlamps for the first four miles or so, which I always enjoy. Then we were treated to a clear pristine desert sunrise. It was cool but warm enough to start off in shorts and a... Read More ⇒

VFuel Athletes Needed

2017-01-03   |   If you are a VFuel fan, we would love to talk to you!

Do you love VFuel?   Attention VFuel fans! VFuel is presently seeking athletes — from trail runners to cyclists to triathletes from all over the United States. Acceptance into our VFuel Athlete Program gains you admittance onto our incredibly talented VFuel Athlete team, a VFuel... Read More ⇒

Dump Fructose!

2017-01-03   |   The evils of Fructose Malabsorption

The first question we get when we meet somone who is new to VFuel products is “What makes VFuel different?” Digestibility, Performance and Active Recovery is the answer! For this blog today let’s talk about “Digestibility”.  What is the biggest complaint about... Read More ⇒

Rockhard Hardrock 2 Hundred – Double Hardrock 100 Attempt July 13th-16th 2016

2016-07-26   |   VFuel cofounder, Alan Smith, attempts a double Hardrock 100!

By Alan Smith, VFuel co-founder Around the first of the year, I was out running in the snow with my friends Chris and Kari when the conversation turned to goals for the year. I didn’t have much to contribute at first, but as I continued to run and think on it, an old, mostly forgotten dream... Read More ⇒

Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report -- A First Time 100 Mile Story

2016-02-18   |   By Billy Satterwhite

Rocky Raccoon 100 Race Report -- A First Time 100 Mile Story by Billy Satterwhite 2015 was a great year of running with some really big runs and new milestones. On somewhat of a whim I decided I was ready to go after my dream of running 100 miles. It was mid-December 2015 and Rocky Raccoon 100 was... Read More ⇒