Onder Anilturk

Onder Anilturk

I started doing triathlons back in 2010 with a mindset that I wanted to become an Ironman. However my sports days go back to the 1990's on my national team in Turkey as a pole vaulter. Since I took a long break due to life and educational purposes after my doctorate in Physics, I came back in 2010 again by buying a triathlon bike, learned to swim (yes, didn't know how to swim 25 yards), and completely change my running biomechanics. It took sometime to deal with going at it at longer distances. I reached my goal of becoming an Ironman in 2013. Since then I finished 10 full distances, about 20 half distance triathlons. Recently I became an Ironman coach to give back to the community and share my experiences.

Hometown: Austin, TX (originally from Turkey)

Real Job:  Scientist at NXP Semiconductor

Website: www.ondermadturk.wordpress.com

Social Media:    strava

Favorite Beverage: Valpoicella

Guilty Pleasure:  Chocolate

Other Hobbies: Coaching

Pets: We have 4 cats, the latest one is 15 months old Mylo, he is so mischievous, smart, loves to play and cuddle.

Best thing about VFuel: No bloating, and constant energy, and also having the confidence that it won't create any issue during any length of sessions.

Best recovery meal:: Anything with protein in it.

Favorite trail running memory: I haven’t raced in trail running, however, once i have paced a friend, who was doing her 100miler in Idaho, IMTUF 100. I was scheduled to pace her for 14 miles, but ended up loving it to pace all the way to the end about 48 miles.

Schedule: Tough to make a schedule. Now my schedule is Ironman 70.3 Traverse City (8/31/2020), Ironman Chattanooga (9/27/2020), until further races open towards end of year.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Consistency, persistence is the key for endurance, just keep chugging miles, smartly without taxing the body and mind, for long term, it will eventually pay off. Make it a habit.

Running Accomplishments:

Junior Turkish Champion (Pole vaulting)

7x Ironman

2x Extreme Full Distance

16x Ironman 70.3 finisher

2016, 2017, 2018, Ironman Gold Silver All World Athlete