Billy Satterwhite

Billy Satterwhite

I began running when I was 23. It started as an escape from the stress and hard work of grad school while living in Ann Arbor, Michigan working on my Masters of Music in Improvisation at The University of Michigan, and a good way to get my body back into shape after over indulging in craft beer and pizza.
I trained for the Detroit Marathon in 2011 and after finishing it I was completely hooked and knew that I wanted to go longer.
I heard about trail running from my musician friends. With some inspiration and a love for the outdoors I got on the trails and haven't looked back.

In 2013, after moving back to Texas and getting married, I ran
the Bandera 50k. I run with the training group Trail Roots, coach
a handful of runners in my free time, and love getting out onto as many Texas trails as possible! I've been running mostly trail races ever since that first 50k, and have been fortunate enough to meet some incredible people and make some incredible memories along the way.

As it is for many others, running is my way of pushing my limits and seeing what is possible. It’s also my way of connecting with the natural world. I love training, racing, being outdoors, and simply hanging out with other runners. The running community in Austin, TX is amazing.

I am a native Texan (I’m originally from Houston) and I currently am living in Austin, Texas with my wife and our 2 year old daughter, who's first trail race to crew was the Western States 100 when she was 4 months old. Living in Austin I am surrounded by an incredible running community and some of the best trails and parks in the Texas Hill Country. I am a professional upright bass player, a music teacher, and a fitness coach. Running has brought balance to my life as a musician and a performer. It keeps me healthy and happy, keeps me present, and has me constantly seeking out and finding inspiration.

I enjoy running all distances from 5k's to 100 milers. I do not get on a starting line to win a race, but rather to enjoy the process and see what my body and mind can accomplish. I want to inspire other musicians to find an exercise practice that they can connect with and make it an integral part of their lives. I discovered VFuel in 2013 and have not used any other gels since. They are so easy on the stomach and the variety of flavors give me enough options to cycle through in a long event so that I never get tired of one flavor.

Hometown: Clear Lake, TX

Real Job:  Professional upright bass player, Fitness Coach and 

Website: and

Social Media:    strava

Favorite Beer or Wine:  Hop Slam Double IPA from Bell's Brewery in Michigan

Guilty Pleasure: iRunFar twitter race updates, Michigan Football, and Disney movies with my daughter

Other Hobbies: Playing bass as much as possible, and gardening

Pets:  2 dogs. A cockapoo named Bandera, who we found at a bar in Bandera,TX after my first 50k, and a feisty little Dachshund named Lilly.

Best thing about VFuel: Tastes so good and goes down easy!

Best recovery meal: Tacos, tacos, and more tacos.

Favorite trail running memory: Solo running along gorgeous ridge lines in the Swiss Alps, high above Château-d'Œx, Switzerland.


HellBender 100 (rescheduled to November 20)

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Don't get caught up in numbers with your paces and distances. Set small attainable goals, and aim for consistency over "epic-ness" in your training. It's okay to run very easy most of the time, and it is okay to take 1 or 2 or even 3 days off when you are not feeling well. Most of all, learn early on to listen to your body and find joy in the process!

Running Accomplishments

2019 J&J 25K, 3rd place
2018 Western States, A solid back of the pack finish at 28:45
2016 Rocky Raccooon 100, 138th place
2015 Eiger Ultra Trail 101K, 142nd place
2014 Dare to Ascend Marathon, 1st place
2014 Pandora’s Box of Rox Marathon, 5th place
2014 Hells Hills 25K, 10th place
2014 Bandera 100K, 67th place
2013 Bandera 50K, 28thplace