Mark Marzen

Mark Marzen

I've been a life long athlete, playing all sorts of sports and always having a love for the outdoors growing up around corn fields and woods of Pennsylvania.

I moved to Colorado several years ago, with a focus to live a healthier lifestyle and reconnect with my love for the wilderness. Luckily, I found trail running, which helped me do both. Since then, I've made many great friends through the sports of trail running and ultrarunning, have explored all sorts of new landscapes, and been lucky enough to push my own personal boundaries through training and racing.

Hometown: Whitehall, PA

Real Job:  Educational Curriculum Developer


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Favorite Beverage: Safeway brand selzter water

Guilty Pleasure:  Any type of burrito (break, lunch, dinner....still haven't found a dessert one yet though..working on it)

Other Hobbies: Reading, writing, sketching, cooking

Pets: None

Best thing about VFuel: I love the flavors of vFuel, how easy they are to get and keep down, and the new sleek packaging!

Best recovery meal:: As I've mentioned...all things burrito.

Favorite trail running memory:  Finishing my first 100 mile race. I thought you had to be superhuman to do something like that, and it marked a transformational period of my life. It was painful and almost 10-12+ hours longer than what I run them in now. I crossed the line saying I'd never do that again. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Schedule:   Badwater 125 - July 2020 Telluride Mountain Run - August 2020 Run Rabbit RUn 100 - September 2020

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?:  Don't worry about all the details of nutrition, gear, and training at the start. Focus all your mental energy on consistency. Find a way to build running into most of the days of the week, in a way that you find rewarding and sustainable. Preparing your body for ultramarathons takes years, and it's important to figure out how the habit will fit into your life for the long run. Be patient and enjoy the process and experience of the every day run. Finish lines only last a second.

Running Accomplishments:  

Never Summer - 1st place - 2018

Leadville 100 - 6th place - 2019

Grand Mesa 100 - 1st place - 2017

Lake Martin 200 - 1st place - 2019

Black Hills 50k - 1st place- 2019

Mueller Marathon - 1st place - 2018