Jason Lenz

Jason Lenz

I started running at the age of 17, preparing for Basic Combat Training. I hated running, but the Army had a 2-mile run as a part of the Physical Fitness Test. For the longest time, I only ran 2 miles. No distance further - until a friend suggested I run a 5k. I loved the positivity of the running community and signed up for a half-marathon. A couple of half-marathons later, a former professor suggested to try the full-marathon. After six years of road running, my wife accepted a job in Colorado where I learned to LOVE trail running.

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska Current: Drake, CO

Real Job: Shoe Salesman

Social Media: facebook strava instagram

Favorite Beer or Wine: Avant Garde Aleworks Strawberry

Guilty Pleasure: Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Almonds

Other Hobbies: Writing, Photography, Making music with multiple instruments and a loop station.

Pets: Theodore the 7 year old cat, Stella the 8 year old Golden Retriever - Cocker Spaniel Mix, and our neighbor's dog who runs with us, Remington age unknown, mix breed unknown.

Best thing about VFuel: The taste!

Best recovery meal: Smoothie: Banana, Frozen Mixed berries, Spinach, Wheatgrass, Hemp Powder, Almond milk, Chia seeds. With a side of Mountain Berry VFuel Gel

Favorite trail running memory: During the 2019 Estes Epic 55k, I picked up a Chocolate VFuel gel from the aid station to save for later. I think it was about mile 18 when I decided to try a new gel pack (I do not recommend trying anything new on race day). I opened the Chocolate gel pack to discover the most heavenly chocolate pudding taste made by angels. I chased the gel pack down with a few swigs of water, and about 2 minutes later, I felt like a God. I didn't get an upset stomach, and I ended up taking a handful of gels at the last aid station. Overall I finished 7th in my first Ultra Marathon, thanks to VFuel.

Schedule: Behind the Rocks 50 mile, Brazos Bend 100 mile

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Monitor your intake of Water, Calories, and Electrolytes. Stretch often. Smile while you exercise. It raises your nostrils for more air intake, and spreads positivity at the same time :)