"Thank you VFuel for making such a superior product! I have never had any one thing be able to sustain me for so long in a 100 mile race. It's amazing. After having a great race and 3rd overall female finish at the San Diego 100 two weeks ago, I am reminded again that the Endurance Powder is pure gold (in a figurative sense!) as far as nutrition goes. Having a good stomach and a completely dialed in nutrition plan is the keystone in my race plan. It's so important, but thanks to VFuel, it's also so simple! Endurance Powder was constantly in my bottles, and I supplemented with the gels as needed, before big climbs, etc. I am still so amazed that I can feel so good so late in a race where in the past my stomach would have gone south. Being able to take in quality calories makes a HUGE difference in the later miles. Thank you Vfuel!"

VFuel Athlete Jenny Welch, California

"VFuel keeps my energy levels more constant for longer periods of time when compared to other fuels. Because of VFuel's unique formula my stomach doesn't become upset and I am able to run faster and longer."

Sage Canaday, Colorado

"VFuel has no flavor fatigue! While other brands flavors get tiresome, VFuel always tastes great! Even late in a race!"

-Retired VFuel Athlete Mike Aish

“I love products I don't have to think about and I can just trust. Whether it's footwear, gear, or fuel, I look for products that allow me to get the most out of my training and that's exactly what Vfuel does for me. It allows me to get the most out of myself and it's even cooler that it tastes SUPER YUMMY! I use the liquid Vfuel to sip on throughout a race and use the gels to fill up my tank for longer races” 

-VFuel Ambassador Victor Martinez, California

"During ultramarathons I used to rely on whatever random foods were available at aid stations. This resulted in GI problems and uneven energy levels. Now I consistently either use VFuel Endurance Gel and water, or VFuel Endurance Drink Mix for training and racing. My energy levels stay even and I don't have to worry about my gut going haywire. The reliability of VFuel products allows me focus on working hard and having fun instead of managing issues caused by poor nutrition and other low quality energy foods." 

-VFuel Ambassador Chris Harrington, Colorado

“Vfuel has been part of many adventures all over the world. Nutrition I can trust! “

-VFuel Ambassador Miguel Gomez, Colorado

"V Fuel is my go-to for race nutrition! Tastes great, easy on my stomach, and provides the necessary fuel for training and races."

-VFuel Ambassador Brandon Eddards, Louisianna

"VFuel is so effective, I feel like I'm cheating.”

-VFuel Ambassador Frank Noble,  Georgia

“VFuel products have become a key staple in my training and racing, anywhere from the Boston Marathon to the peaks of mountains! The gel and endurance drink products are a proven winner in providing me the right balance of fuel and energy, with a great taste and without upsetting my tummy! “

-VFuel Ambassador Kyle Konczal, Colorado

I'm a big fan of the taste and quick energy that Vfuel provides. The endurance drinks rock! They go down easy on those warmer or longer days when I'm looking to stay hydrated and to keep the electrolytes in check. Sipping on the Vfuel endurance drinks helps to avoid that treacherous bonk in ultramarathons or other long endurance events, and added with regular use of the gels, provides for an efficient and tasty fueling strategy.

-VFuel Ambassador Mark Marzen, Colorado

"I've been through all the different gels on the market and the Salted Caramel Apple VFuel sets the best on my stomach during races in every condition and gives me the optimal fuel I need to perform at my best!

-VFuel Ambassador Amanda Hughes, Texas

“While training and racing in the mountain, VFuel keeps me focused, alert and energized while also keeping my stomach happy, mile after mile after mile.”

Timothy Olsen, Colorado

“VFuel products have become my primary fuel of choice during racing and adventuring. They’ve helped me cover hundreds of sweaty miles, and I’m behind it 100%!

-VFuel Ambassador Kaytyn Gerbin, Washington

“I won 2016 Western States using exclusively VFuel gels. The best part of VFuel is that my stomach never feels crampy during a race. VFuel has been essential to my race day fueling.”

-VFuel Athlete Andrew Miller, Oregon

“You know you’ve stumbled upon a truly spectacular product when it tastes amazing and keeps you running strong from mile 1 to Mile 100 at a tough mountain race.”

-VFuel Athlete Larissa Dannis, New Hampshire