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Michelle Hiland

Hometown:  Vail, Colorado

Real Job:  App Growth Manager at Wahoo Fitness. I am a Wahoolagian!

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Favorite Beer or Wine: Erdinger Hefewiezen, love German beer

Guilty Pleasure: Eating skittles after a long run or on the top of a mountain

Other Hobbies: Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, backcountry skiing, road cycling, mountain biking, ice skating alpine lakes, cooking and eating food, going to breweries, making jewelry and cards and traveling to undiscovered places (walked the southern coast of portugal a couple years ago).

Pets: Don’t have one but grew up with a yellow lab named Widgeon and want a dog someday

Best thing about VFuel: Honestly peach cobbler is the first thing that came to mind but I also love that it started in Estes Park. I have lived in Estes for 6 years before moving to Montana and it’s awesome to see something like Vfuel start in such an amazing place. I love that I can easily consume Vfuel and feel good during long races! It makes it so I don’t have to worry about fuel and can focus on running fast.

Best recovery meal: Peanut butter toast with honey, chia, and cinnamon with a glass of blended ice Cool Lime VFuel drink mix.

Favorite trail running memory: This is hard because I have so many but the first one that comes to mind was my first time running the Dirty30 50k and I was in a rough spot. It was very hot and I didn’t know if I was even going to finish. I got to the second to last aid station and the crew was amazing, they put ice down my back, in my vest and in my hat, and filled my water and fuel. I then remember eating like 3 pieces of watermelon, thinking it was the most amazing food in the world (normally I don’t and can’t eat much running). I then left the aid station walking down a dirt road eating a popsicle with water from the ice melting dripping down my face and body thinking Michelle you are walking downhill at least you could let gravity take you to a jog. After I finished the popsicle I started to run again and ran up the last climb of the race and somehow ended up getting 3rd place. I also fell down hard like 0.5 miles from the finish and later entered the bloodiest contest. Why is this a fond memory? Well I loved how the crew at the aid station helped me and I was so happy with my popsicle and watermelon yet I feel ridiculous so it makes me smile and I podiumed.

Schedule: April 28th - Sentinel Hill Climb -Missoula Montana, June 5th - Pengelly Double Dip Half Marathon -Missoula Montana, July 24th - 50 Mile group run in the The Bob Wilderness – Montana, September 5th - The Rut 50K - Big Sky, Montana, October 3rd - 11 Miles to Paradise -Montana

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Running takes time, if you don’t love it at first, take it easy and keep going, then you will be hooked. Remember to smile and things don’t always go as planned so learn what you can and try again. Also, there is no other sport as demanding as running, it uses the whole body and your mental state is so important, pick a goal and go after it.

Running Accomplishments:

Pikes Peak Ascent; 2016, 4thplace
Gemini Adventures Deserts Race Women’s Course Record; 2017, 1st place
Pikes Peak Ascent; 2017, 7th place
Mesa Trail Round Trip Boulder CO; 2018, 4th place
Blue Sky Marathon; 2018, 2nd place
Dirty 30 50k; 2018, 3rd place
Snowball 15k -Missoula Montana-2019, 1st place
Completed first Century Bike Ride - Triple Bypass