Eric Lee

Eric Lee

My love of the outdoors started as a child with family trips to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite in California.

Even at a young age, I had a penchant for exploring off trail and scrambling on rocks. In my early 20s I rediscovered the outdoors; mountaineering, scrambling and fastpacking around the Eastern Sierras in California. In 2005, while on a 20-mile day hike,  I was introduced to the concept of ultrarunning, and the rest is history. No longer would I simply walk. Moving fast in the mountains became a way of life.

Over the years I’ve run plenty of ultramarathon races, but my first love is still peak bagging, mountain climbing and scrambling. My focus has shifted away from races towards long mountain adventures, sometimes on trail, but most often off trail…seeking adventure wherever it presents itself.

Hometown: Lafayette, CA (Now Boulder, CO)

'Real' Job: PRA/Lab Manager Department of Infectious Diseases Anschutz Medical Campus


Favorite Beer: Odell Cutthroat Porter

Guilty Pleasure: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Other Hobbies: Photography, Volleyball and Blues Dancing

Best thing about VFuel: Great flavors and sustained energy for the long haul

Best recovery meal: Boulder Chips Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Favorite trail running memory: Watching the sunrise from Mt Harvard on day 2 of Nolans 14.


Running Accomplishments 

Nolan’s 14, 6th Finisher ever

Longs Peak Radical Slam, Capitol-Snowmass 14er Linkup, Crestone Five Peak Traverse

Current FKT holder for the John Muir Trail solo

Over 300 mountains summited all over the US and Europe

Adventure Runs; Aspen Four Pass, Grand Canyon R2R2R, Zion Traverse, Buckskin & Paria Canyon.

2014 Blue Sky Trail Marathon, 13th place

2014 Hardrock 100, 19th place

2014 Ultimate Direction Dirty Thirty 50K, 43rd place

2014 Miwok 100K, 31st place

2014 Mississippi Trail 50, 2nd place

2013 Canyon DeChelly Ultra 55K, 8th place

2013 Quad Rock 50, 35th place

2013 Mississippi Trail 50, 1st place

2012 IMTUF 100, 3rd place

2012 Desert Rats Trail Festival 50, 5th place

2012 Moab Red Hot 50+, 22nd place

2011 The Bear 100, 29nd place

2011 Bighorn 100, 15th place

2010 Big Horn Sky Trail Marathon, 4th place

2010 Western States 100, 154th place

2009 Ultimate Direction Dirty 30, 3rd place

2008 Rodeo Beach 50K, 3rd place

2008 Angeles Crest 100, 20th place

2008 San Juan Solstice 50, 24th place

2008 Rocky Mountain Double Marathon, 3rd place

2007 Rodeo Beach 50K, 5th place

2007 Leadville Trail 100, 133rd place

2007 San Juan Solstice 50, 30th place

2007 Greeland Trail 50K, 10th place

2006 Bishop High Sierra 50, 18th place