Laura Drake Cole

Laura Drake Cole

I got into “sports” because I didn’t have a car.

At first I started biking everywher. Once I started law school, I no longer had the time to bike 2-3 hours every day. I figured out I could get a GREAT workout running. I started with half a mile and thought I was going to die. Then a friend suggested swimming, so I could do a triathlon. It was the same as running, I made it 1 length of the pool and thought I would die.

For 30 years I have kept at it, and still am having a blast. I never competed in organized sports, nor did I do anything collegiate growing up...just on my own, self coached, with hard work and perseverence I ended up becoming a professional triathlete. 

Hometown: Brooksville, FL

Real Job:  Felony Criminal Defense Attorney


Social Media:  

Favorite Beer: I don't drink beer or wine. I DO like whiskey, however.

Guilty Pleasure: I wish I had one. My diet is ridiculously restricted, which is why I love & promote your product so much! 

Other Hobbies: See Schedule...:)

Pets: I have a wonderful grey rescue cat who thinks he is a dog. He waits for me every day at the end of our walkway and escorts me into the house. He knows when I'm sad & entertains me by running around & leaping in the air - he won't stop til I laugh. If I'm hurting, he just knows where & lays down on my belly or shoulder or wherever to try to "help" - He is Scooter The Cat & he is amazing.

Best thing about VFuel: I love VFuel because it does NOT cause my gut any distress. In an Ironman, I've got enough problems to worry about. Are my goggles going to get knocked off my face? Am I going to get kicked in the head? Is my bike going to work? i.e shift properly? Not get a flat? Not have the gear shifter break? Is my BODY going to hold out? Because of VFuel, I NEVER have to worry about being one of those people on the side of the road puking their guts out and walking half the marathon to the finish. I have NEVER had a gut issues since using your product. Not once. Never. It is the one thing I can count on when I race!!

Best recovery meal: Smoked pork belly, jasmine rice & zucchini.

Favorite trail running memory:  I love the feeling of running like a deer, bounding over rocks, through trees, and being at one with the forest, that is encouraging me to go faster, pick up my feet, dodge the holes, fly on the downhill scree, scramble up the rocks. The serenity. The freedom. The Peace.

Schedule: I work about 50 hours a week, so in season, at peak time, a typical week is thus: Monday, Wednesday & Friday swim 3000-5000M & lift weights after (Done before work)Tuesday run is intervals up to 10 miles; Thursday run is tempo of 10 miles (hard effort) - done before workHard bike interval session (1-2 hours) Wednesday evening, go easy on Tuesday & Thursday at lunch (hour)Weekend is the meat of the schedule, with Saturday being a 6-7 hour bike followed by a 90-minute run -I often drive to North GA to do the 6-Gap route (1-2 x a month)On Sunday, I run about 3:00, followed by a 1 hour recovery bike.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: NEVER give up on your dreams. NEVER. I was told by every single person (family, friends, volunteers at the race!) from when I started Ironman in 1991 until 1996 that this sport was not for me. I would train hard, but die 10 miles into the marathon. I didn't know why. But I kept trying. In Kona (World Championship), in 1991, I saw the athletes on the stage. I said "I will be there one day." It took 5 years, but I finally got my race nutrition right, and WAS on the stage - in 1996, as 5th in the world, and in 1999 as World Champion. Now Life has thrown my health a lot of curve balls. But I refuse to Give Up. I will pursue my dream of dominating my Age Group. I may never make it, but I will Never Quit Trying. A dream is such a Rare Thing - if you HAVE one, NEVER let it go. Ever.

Athletic Accomplishments:

3x Female Gasparilla 15K Winner & 1 x 5K winner (yes, on same day in 2001 I won both the 15 & 5 K - NOBODY has ever done that before or since

CR holder and 2 x winner Atlanta Marathon

Top Georgian, 3rd American & 13th Female in Peachtree 10K

6th Female Pro Ironman Austria

5th Female Pro Ironman Germany & Japan

3rd Female Pro Ironman Lake Placid & Brazil

2nd Female Pro Ironman Canada (Penticton)

2nd Female Pro Powerman Alabama

1st Female Pro Danskin Sprint Triathlon - Georgia

4th Female Pro St. Croix Half Ironman (70.3)

1st Female Amateur ITU World Championship Muncie 70.3 (Half-Ironman)

1st Female Amateur Ironman New Zealand

1st Female Amateur St. Anthony's Triathlon, Mad Beach triathlon, Top Gun Triathlon, Florida Challenge Triathlon (70.3), Powerman AL, and other various local events

11 x Qualifier for Kona Ironman World Championship

2nd AG IM FLorida

5th AG IM Whistler

5th AG IM Coeur D'Alene

3rd, 5th AG Gulfcoast 70.3

I guided a Visually Impaired athlete in both Ironman Texas & Hawaii 70.3

I crewed & paced 38 miles of WS100