Leslie Howlett

I started swimming competitively at 12 years old then found triathlon at 15 years old thanks to my swim coach.  I am now a 15 year triathlon veteran and have been a consistent podium finisher and have done everything from sprint to Ironman, including my first Xterra last year. I've always loved trails and spent more time there than usual in 2011 after a little bit of triathlon burnout. After the birth of our 4th baby in 2012 I went full into a new journey of ultra running, have loved it, and have completed multiple 50k’s, 50 milers, and 100k’s. I finished 8th at Lake Sonoma 50 this spring and just completed, won and got the CR at my first 100 miler, the Bryce 100!  What an experience a 100 was!

Life is a balancing act with 4 young kids and an Altra Running cofounder husband Jeremy, but with his support and a lot of early mornings, I find a way to fit my playtime in. It makes me a better mother.  I am a big proponent of healthy lifestyle, natural childbirth, and am a doula and aerobics instructor.  

I really love the trails and mountains.  I love that there is never a run where I'm not left in awe of what I see around me.

Salt Lake City, Utah, now reside in Lehi, Utah


Favorite Beer:
I don't drink so I'd have to lean toward the excitement of root beer or sparkling cider
Guilty Pleasure:
Indulging in my fair share of sugar in the days after a race that I work hard to avoid in the days leading up to it.

Other Hobbies: 
Camping, nordic skiing, a little bit of sewingPet's Names:
We have 5 chickens -Tracy, Red, Maybell, White wing and Dot

Best thing about VFuel:
How easy it goes down and stays down, the great flavors, and the little bit of caffeine to keep things moving.

Favorite Recovery Meal:
Something yummy and carby like pizza or pasta, and then good ice cream typically. 

Favorite trail running/running memory: 
With 2 miles to go and still under course record time, hearing my husband tell me I was still in the lead after a very rough night and nap on the trail at the Bryce 100.  More than the win, it was the feeling of amazement that I'd done something amazing.

Running Accomplishments

2016 Mendocino Coast 50K, 1st place
2016 Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K, 1st place
2015 North Face Endurance Challenge, 21st place
2015 Wasatch Front 100, 2nd place
2015 Kat’cina Mosa 100K, 1st place
2015 Antelope Island Buffalo Run 100, 1st place
2015 Black Canyon Ultras 100K, 11th place
2015 Bandera 100K, 6th place
2014 Run Rabbit Run 100, 4th place
2014 Speedgoat 50K, 12th place
2014 Bryce 100, 1st place
2014 Timp Trail Marathon, 2nd place
2014 Lake Sonoma 50, 8th place
2014 Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K, 2nd place
2014 Moab Red Hot 50+, 11th place
2013 Ultra Race of Champions, 8th place
2013 Kat’cina Mosa 100K, 5th place
2013 Timp Trail Marathon, 4th place
2013 Desert Rats Trail Running Festival 52.4 Miler, 6th place
2012 Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50K, 4th place
2012 Timp Trail Half Marathon, 3rd place
2011 Timp Trail Half Marathon, 1st place