Frequently Asked Questions

VFuel Endurance Gel Questions

What separates VFuel from other gels? 

VFuel is the most easily digestible gel on the market. We use dextrose instead of fructose so there is almost no chance of any gastric distress when consuming VFuel. In addition, we use a blend of supplements that is very unique and has shown to drastically limit muscle fatigue and breakdown. And, unlike a few of our competitors, we can keep the cost per packet down as we are not driven by profits but are here to help endurance athletes, like ourselves, achieve their goals. To read more about what separates us from all of the others you can go to the following pages: VFuel Advantage & Ingredients.

How should I consume VFuel?

We recommend finding the optimal levels for you, individually. Everyone is different with different goals, paces, body types, home climates, etc. To tell you there is only way way to consume VFuel would be a bit misleading. In general, we advise consuming one packet every 30/45 minutes during any given endurance activity. In addition, we recommend consuming one packet about 15 minutes before the workout/race and one immediately following the workout/race. Always follow with a gulp or two of water. Read more on the following page: Training

Is there Fructose in VFuel?

Absolutely not! We are the only endurance gel that has no fructose whatsoever. This ingredient is the sole source of gastric distress that many experience when consuming gels. It was an easy fix and was the one thing we definitely had to change as we were making our own VFuel for personal use. If your system can't handle the fuel you're giving it (because of the fructose) then what is the point of using that fuel source? Especially when you're trying to run a marathon, compete in an Ironman, or even during training for these kinds of events. We push our bodies... it's time to give back. 

Is VFuel Gluten Free?

Yes, VFuel is Gluten Free. We do not have VFuel certified gluten free as of now as it is an expense we do not see as necessary at this time. All ingredients that go into VFuel are gluten free.

Are any additional flavors in the works?

Yes, we hope to have several more flavors released in the not too distant future. Please let us know which flavors you'd like to see!

Are any additional products in the works? 

Yes, we certainly plan to have a variety of products. However, it took us years to develop VFuel and we will use the same diligence and care in creating any new product. If we do release a new product it will be as unique and innovative as VFuel Endurance Gel is. We have a different take and outlook on what an endurance nutrition product can be and this will be carried across our entire line of products. Let us know if there is a certain product you would like us to offer! 

Website Questions

I cannot Login to the website.

We have recently changed our branding strategy, our name (slightly), and our website! Exciting changes all around, however there is a chance that your account may have not transferred correctly. A rare chance, but a chance noetheless. You can try to create a new account or reset your password. Both can be done by clicking the "Register | Log In" link at the top of our website.

Do you accept PayPal?

Currently we do not accept PayPal as a payment option. If this is something you desire, please let us know at

Can I use your logo on my own site and/or blog?

We would love for you to include our logo on your site! You can choose a logo on the following page (coming soon).
We simply ask that you do not alter the logo you choose in any way and please link the logo to

Sponsorship Questions 

Will VFuel sponsor my race or event?

We will certainly consider it. To fill out an application and to see our general sponsorship guidelines click on the following link (coming soon).

Do you sponsor Teams and/or Athletes?

Yes! Find out more on the following page (coming soon)

Customer Service Questions

My Order has not arrived? Help!

If your UPS tracking number is showing that the order is delivered, please check all porches, outside patios, steps, walkways, and any other entrances to your residence. Even check with your neighbors. If you still cannot locate your package, please contact us and we will either find where your package is or arrange to have your order reshipped. 888.662.6679 or

Do you offer Military Discounts?

Yes we do! As a thank you for your service to our country we are proud to extend a 40% discount to active members of US Armed forces stationed over seas and a 20% discount to those stateside. If you are stationed overseas, please call us at 888.662.6679 to place your order. If the order is going to an APO address, the 40% discount will be applied. For those stationed within the US, please fax us a copy of your active military ID and we will get you 20% off your order. Please note that we reserver to right to alter or discontinue this this program for any reason or at any time without notice.

Phone: 888.662.6679
Fax: 888.662.6647

What is your return/exchange policy? 

We are very proud of VFuel and want you to be a true fan of the product and to be truly happy with all that VFuel is. If you are not satisfied, please return all of the unused product along with the receipt within 30 days of your purchase for an immediate refund or exhange. Please add a note on the receipt if you would like a refund or exhange. If you would like an exhange, please note the desired flavor you would like as an exhange. If you have any questions, please call 1-888-662-6679 or email us at 

Send your package to:

VFuel Endurance
Attn: Alan Smith
1670 Clover Lane
Estes Park, CO 80517

How do I contact VFuel for questions or comments?

We want your feedback, so please do not hesitate to contact us with praise or constructive criticism. And please let us know if you have ANY questions! You can fill out a contact form by going to our 'Contact Us' page.