Brian Davenport

Brian Davenport

Ran a 5k with friends shortly after college. My lungs felt like they were on fire and I felt VERY slow. I promised myself I was never going to get that out of shape again.

Hometown:  Hermitage, PA, current: Chiloquin, OR

Real Job:  Works for US Forest Service as a Harvest Inspector

Social Media: facebook strava instagram

Favorite Beer or Wine: Pliny the Younger

Guilty Pleasure: Buying running shoes

Pets: 12-year old black lab mix (Jasper)

Best thing about VFuel: The taste is exceptional and rejuvenating

Best recovery meal: Any vegan one shared with my wife, our lab, and a delicious IPA

Favorite trail running memory: Finishing my 100K in 2020 with my wife running by my side crossing the finish line

Schedule:SOB 50-miler on 7/10 and 100-miler on IMTUF 9/11 and 9/12

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Be patient, ask advice from other runners, and trust the process