Dominic Grossman

Bryan Morseman

I am a VFuel Athlete and 2:19 marathoner. I have been running since the age of 11 and have not looked back.

I am married and a father of two. My full time job is working as a Precious Metals Clerk in Corning, NY at the World Kitchen Inc. Plant. The job carries a lot of responsibility. What I do on a daily basis determines whether or not the plant will be able to run.
I have really enjoyed being able to travel and have such great experiences as an athlete. I am lucky to have great family and sponsor support, which has made it possible for me to keep me in the sport. As everyone knows it's hard to make a living as a runner, but I have been blessed with a drive and determination to push the limits in whatever it is I do. I enjoy discovering new places that I may never have seen or visited if it wasn’t for my running.

I typically run anywhere from 80-120 miles a week depending on the week. I live a very busy life, but I am very well supported and I have a great family that allows me to train when I need to train. I feel very blessed to do what I have done to this point, and look forward to more success (along with some inevitable failures
along the journey) as I try to be the best dad, husband and runner
that I can be.

Hometown: Addison, NY

Real Job: Precious Metals Clerk


Social Media:   

Favorite Beverage: Glenora Winery (NY) Blueberry Wine, Bud Light (Orange)

Guilty Pleasure:  Soda

Other Hobbies: Traveling, camping and spending time with my wife and children.

Pets: I have 3 dogs-Girly, Zoola and Cree

Best thing about VFuel: Amazing product that WORKS! VFuel is crucial to my training regime, I do not leave the door without one. I also consume one every day at work.

Best recovery meal:: Anything that can refuel my body, nothing in particular.

Favorite trail running memory:  Helping secure a Gold Medal for Team USA at the 50k World Championships in Doha, Qatar as i was the third and final scorer as they scored the top 3 runners from each country. I also placed 9th overall, it was an unbelievable experience putting on that USA Jersey and giving it my all!

Schedule: Not secure at the moment.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Stay with it, and enjoy the journey, running is so amazing and has so many beneficial benefits to it.

Running Accomplishments:  

15th place at the NYC Marathon USA Championships

Team USA Gold Medal Winner 50k

70 Marathon wins out of 113 marathons ran

Three time Junior Olympic All-American.