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Antelope Island 100

2013-03-26   |   Kristel Liddle sets the course record at the Buffalo Run!

By Kristel Liddle Kristel and her crew, Cat & Justin I wanted a flat spring hundred miler to start the season so after waiting too long to sign up for Rocky Raccoon, I chose Antelope Island 100.  I had a great training period and was a good girl, doing my track workouts and tempo... Read More ⇒


2013-03-19   |   Benefits for the endurance athlete

Co-founder Alan Smith finishing the Rocky Mountain Slam - Bear 100 - Fish Haven, Idaho Taurine is an ingredient we’re sure you have heard of. We’re just not sure you’ve heard how beneficial it can be for an endurance athlete like yourself. There are a few reasons we include it in... Read More ⇒

Vi Fuel is now VFuel!

2013-03-05   |   Changes for the good...

You may have noticed something different! We have a new look, new name, and new logo, but we still offer the same superior product we've offered all along! We are very excited about the changes we have been going through over the past couple of months and are thrilled to show these changes to you! ... Read More ⇒