Vi Fuel is now VFuel!


VFuel Logo

You may have noticed something different! We have a new look, new name, and new logo, but we still offer the same superior product we've offered all along! We are very excited about the changes we have been going through over the past couple of months and are thrilled to show these changes to you!

We, at VFuel, wanted to display a more accurate depiction of what we actually are. We are a simple, no frills company that offers a product that gives you just what you need to perform optimally during endurance exercise and/or events. We were also created simply from a need for a product that didn't exist for a sport that was gaining momentum and growing into itself. We simplified our name, making our logo smaller, more streamlined, and easier to read and pronounce.

The new look and the new website are for the sole purpose of reflecting where we have come from and where we are going. VFuel was born on the trails in some of the most beautiful places in Colorado due to a desire to go farther and see more of this outrageously beautiful land. Our method of preferred travel has always been our own two feet on nice single track leading us into wild places. But VFuel is just as at home as you hammer on the pedals anywhere a bike will take you, as you're jamming cracks in Yosemite, when out scouting photography locations, on a backpacking trip with your dad, or putting your time in at the pool.

Let us know what you think of the new look! We're very proud of this great product and are excited about what the future holds for us here at VFuel!

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