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The Funny Thing About Plans...

2012-07-10   |   By Reese Ruland

When I was little (as in age, not height..) I planned on becoming a horse trainer who lived in a barn/house combo next door to my mom and dad. I also planned on being fantastically rich, which would allow me to pursue my world traveling desires. Aside from being an independently wealthy horse... Read More ⇒

Estes Park Marathon

2012-07-09   |   By Kendrick Callaway

  Ah, Sunday—the day to reflect on the past seven days of running and ponder the week to come. I had just completed a 101 mile week with 25k feet of vertical gain so naturally this was done at the West End Tavern over a few pints. Just as I was scheming plans for an even bigger week l I... Read More ⇒