Josh Arthur at the 2013 Quad Rock 50 near Ft. Collins, CO.

Don’t let this ingredient scare you! Glucuronolactone occurs in your body naturally and is an important structural component in nearly all connective tissue, and is a naturally occurring metabolite found in your liver.

 The very simple explanation of how Glucuronolactone is beneficial to you, the endurance athlete, is relating to the storage and usage of glucose in your liver. When your liver begins releasing it stores of glycogen, to be used as fuel while you’re running, cycling, swimming, etc, it does so in the form of Glucuronolactone. We don’t put a large amount of this ingredient in VFuel, but what we do put in does its job very well. It simply keeps your liver’s stores of glycogen higher for longer, resulting in more sustained energy for longer periods of time.

 Many fans of VFuel report that they don’t experience the ups and downs (spikes in energy with the subsequent crash) that they do when they use other gels. Glucuronolactone aids in this consistent stream of energy providing added stability to those precious energy stores you’ll use on your next outing.

 An additional benefit, which was touched on above, is that Glucuronolactone is one of the essential components that make up Chondroitin Sulfate, and is considered to be beneficial to making joints, ligaments, and tendons elastic and healthy.

 Glucuronolactone also directly helps in detoxifying the liver. It is even added to various medicines to aid in their elimination from the body and to help increase their tolerance.

 This stuff is an amazing supplement and serves some very important purposes for the endurance athlete. And, as always, we took great care in deciding how much to include in our formula. We knew we wanted it there for all of the benefits outlined above, but we didn’t want to provide excess amounts that were unusable and would take away from any of the other important ingredients. We carefully tested many different formulations to get just the right amount, so that it can benefit anyone that consumed the gel. From starting a ‘couch to 5k’ program to finishing an ironman, to getting through a WOD for CrossFit, this ingredient, combined with all the other great ingredients in VFuel, will benefit any athlete that uses it. 

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