Don't Chance It! Day 3


Welcome back for day three of our 'Don't roll the dice...' discount series! All week we'll be offering steep deals to try to move what little is left of our inventory in order to make room for the new stuff coming soon! Why chance using another gel? VFuel offers superior performance, unmatched recovery, and ease of digestion that you wont find anywhere else! Don't roll the dice with your endurance nutrition! Let us do it for you! All this week we'll be offering big discounts while rolling the dice for you!

Today it's 62% off! Blue dice was 6, Red was 2. 62%!! We gave you a mulligan on the first roll, which was just 14%... but that's no fun!

Why are we offering such massive discounts? We have new flavors coming soon and our current inventory needs to be moved out of the way.

Enter 'dontchanceit' during checkout to apply the discount!


Note: Our current inventory has a 'best use' date of April, 2014. So that is when it technically 'expires.' However, this was a very conservative date that we used on this first production run. Now we know that these packets will easily be consumable through the entirety of 2014. If this makes you uneasy, you may want to wait a few weeks until we have our new product (and new flavors) availble! 

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