VFuel Endurance Drink Mix

Variety Carton Drink MIx
Variety Carton Drink MIx nutrition
Variety Carton Drink MIx   12 Packets
$24.95 $2.08 per Packet

Twelve 200 calorie servings of VFuel. 3 Black Cherry Cola, 3 Cool Lime, 3 Tangerine Cream, and 3 Ginger Twist.
Each packet contains 200 calories of Endurance Fuel with electrolytes! Containing Non-GMO Dextrose and our proprietary blend of supplements, VFuel Endurance Drink Mix is the perfect fuel for all of your endurance pursuits! Easy on your stomach, smooth energy, and enough electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated, this product is your new secret weapon! Mix one packet and 20-26oz of H2O. Shake and Drink!

Various Flavors: Organic Lime Flavor, Organic Black Cherry Cola Flavor, Ginger Powder, Organic Tangerine Flavor, Organic Bavarian Cream Flavor