Olga King

Ultra Runner

Hometown: Austin, TX (by way of Russia, NY, & OR)
Website: RunMoreTalkLess
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I started running to get in shape after having 2 kids 17 years ago, and as a training for our extensive family backpacking trips. Being "out there" was always a must, but until my co-worker signed me up for a 5k, I wasn't really running. The first race lead to exposure of loving the hard work and places to explore, and before I knew it, I learned about trail running AND ultrarunning practically at the same time. Before I knew it, I was into 100M races in the mountains like there is no tomorrow - and never looked back.

12 years and 100 ultras - and counting - I am not giving up. Injuries, time off and life changes come and go, running and loving the nature stays the only present in my life. I plan to never stop.

Favorite Beer (or wine): Baltika

Guilty Pleasure: Bachelor (the TV show) - just as stupid as it gets.

Other Hobbies:
knitting and yoga, massage practice, traveling, backpacking

Favortie thing about VFuel:
easily out, liquid, non-offensive flavors and taste, AND the stomach doesn't turn to knot! I can also use fewer than "normal" gels per hour.

Favorite recovery meal:
Eggs in any way, shape and form

Favorite trail running memory:
San Diego 100 in 2013 culminated my experience and passion to the point I almost don't want to do another one...and that was my 100 miler #20.

2014 Race Schedule:


2013 highlights (while on V-Fuel!):

 94.87 % 7 OA 2F   9:06:11 Sep 14, 2013  TX Rough Creek Trail Run - 40M
 79.88 % 17 OA 4F   4:32:32 Jul 27, 2013  TX Cedar Ridge Trail Run - 36KM
 88.82 % 18 OA 4F   23:35:55 Jun 8, 2013  CA San Diego 100 - 100M
 73.78 % 81 OA 10F   5:58:15 May 11, 2013  OR McDonald Forest - 50KM
 100.00 % 8 OA 1F   11:42:15 Apr 20, 2013  KS Free State Trail Run - 100KM
 83.72 % 30 OA 6F   2:23:39 Apr 6, 2013  TX Hells Hills - 25KM
 100.00 % 4 OA 1F   9:46:19 Mar 16, 2013  AR Three Days of Syllamo - 50M

plus PR's at 5k and 10k on roads 10 years later in life!