The Lead Couple

For us, racing and training are a family affair. When we're not busy training, we are raising our 2 boys and/or working as partners in our art business. Our boys, Storm & Steel crew for us during our longer races.

In 2014, Marc and I crossed the finish line of the Leadville 100 Series for the 3rd time together, becoming Leadman & Leadwoman for our 3rd consecutive year. We've been dubbed the "Leadcouple". 


Hometown: Allenspark, CO 


'Real' Job: Artist/Sculptor/Designer, Kristin DeSantis Contemporary Metal

Favorite Beer: Cold

Guilty Pleasure:
Ride bikes all day long and even into the night.

Other Hobbies:
Coaching Estes Park High School MTB Team , any kind of skiing

Best thing about VFuel: 
Tastes Great! 

Best recovery meal: Ice Cold IPA

Favorite trail running memory: Crossing the finish line of the Leadville 100 Run together to become Leadman & Leadwoman. Both of us couldn't stop the tears coming down our faces. Then my 16 year old son had to carry me (KT) to the car because I could no longer walk.

Running Accomplishments

2014 Leadville Trail 100
2014 Leadville Trail Marathon
2013 Leadville Trail 100
2013 Silver Rush 50
2013 Leadville Trail Marathon
2012 Leadville Trail 100