Josh Arthur

Jeremy Humphrey

I started running in Ohio when I was 5. It was 1985 and back then, people looked at you funny if they saw you running.  

By the age of 10, I had my sights on the Olympics. As a kid, I could run 6-minute miles for 10 miles, but then I crashed and burned and took 20 years off. 

The spirit was still strong inside me. Running got its hooks back into me when I was bored at my desk one day. Out of the blue, I signed up for the Leadville 100.  Boom! I was a runner again. 

After barely finishing on just a few training runs and the worst shinsplints ever, I realized I could do better. Today, I am still trying to do better. Running is my life now. I coach, direct and race ultras. Every day, I feel fortunate to make a living in the wonderful sport. I will keep on this path until I can go no more.

Hometown: East Liverpool, OH (Currently lives in McCall, ID)


Favorite Beer: McCall Brewing Company's "Lemon-Ginger Hefe" and Minimalist Bane IPA

Guilty Pleasure: Ice Cream Alley, McCall, ID

Other Hobbies: Quiet time at home and in the hills with my wonderful wife Brandi.  Rock, ice and alpine climbing, archery, elk hunting, salmon fishing, reading books and writing about my adventures.

Best thing about VFuel: Texture and flavor.  No gelling agents allow it to remain smooth at below 0F, mix into water with ease and empty completely from gel flasks. The hint of fat (MCT Oil) makes it even smoother on the palate.  Peach Cobbler is the best tasting gel ever made.

Best recovery meal: Elk steak with yams.

Favorite trail running memory:   1) Deciding to become a runner again in 2011 after a 20 year break, 2) Winning the 2012 Cascade Crest 100M, my first 100 win and the first time I was fit enough to enjoy an ultra and 3)  Directing two ultras with my wife, the McCall Trailrunning Classic and IMTUF 100.

Running Accomplishments

2016 Gorge Waterfalls 100k, 3rd place
2014 North Face Endurance Challenge, 31st place
2014 River of No Return 100K, 1st place
2013 The Bear 100, 1st place
2013 Leona Divide 50K, 2nd place
2012 Pinhoti 100, 2nd place
2012 Cascade Crest 100, 1st place
2011 Wild Idaho 50, 1st place
2011 Pocatello 50, 9th place
2011 Weiser River Trail 50K, 1st place
2008 Leadville Trail 100, 81st place