Guillaume Calmettes

I was born and raised in France.

I have always embraced an active lifestyle, spending my youth trying out a wide range of different sports (from classic dance to skydiving) in an attempt to calm down my hyperactive tendencies. Back then, I considered mountains to be the perfect place to go for a hike, but running them seemed a bit intimidating.

After moving to the US for work, I starting to get more into running. I met new people and made new friends who were runners as well. Somehow, I ended up signing up for a 50km trail race (2012 TNF50k) and ran(-ish) it. The week after the race, I could barely walk, but I loved the experience, the electric race atmosphere and most of all the ultra community. I wanted to do it again (more like a compulsory need). I continue to love playing in the mountains, whether alone or with friends.

Hometown: Pau (France)

Residence: Los Angeles, California

Footwear: A lot of Salomon Shoes



Favorite Beer: Does Ginger Brew count? (What?!?! A Frenchie who doesn’t drink alcohol? Shame on me!!!)

Best recovery meal: Pizza or Breakfast Burrito (even better if avocado in them)

Guilty Pleasure: Black licorice

Other Hobbies: Reading, Music (drummer in a Jazz-Rock band), Bodysurfing

Best thing about VFuel: “No stomach issues”, I repeat, “No stomach issues!”

Favorite running memory:
The jaw-dropping sunset during HURT100 2016. I willingly lost 15min just to not a miss a minute of it.

Non-racing running accomplishments: Rim2Rim2Rim (x3), Cactus 2 Clouds, Backbone Trail (historic trail, 68mi in the Santa Monica Mountains)


Running Accomplishments

2016 HURT 100, 7th place
2015 Kodiak 100, 2nd place
2015 Holcomb Valley 50K, 3rd place
2014 Ultra Tour Du Mont Blanc, 88th place
2014 Angeles Crest 100, 8th place
2014 Gorge Waterfalls 100K, 1st place
2013 Chimera 100, 2nd place
2013 Cuyamuca 100K, 5th place
2013 Speedgoat 50K, 55th place
2013 Holcomb Valley 33  Miler, 1st place
2013 Bandit Ultra Trail Run 50K, 6th place
2012 North Face Endurance Challenge 50K, 5th place