Frank Noble

Frank Noble

Why I started running

Hometown: Dallas, GA

Real Job:  Chiropractor

Social Media:   strava

Favorite Beverage: IPA

Guilty Pleasure:  Sugar

Other Hobbies: No other hobbies

Pets: A pit mix named Zoey

Best thing about VFuel: VFuel products make me feel like I can keep going and going. Been using them during endurance training and races for about 5 years now.

Best recovery meal:: Cheeseburger and a cold IPA.

Favorite trail running memory:  Running the Lake Martin 50 miler back in 2014. First trail ultra. Rain soaked, muddy, had to earn that one.

Schedule:  October: Mount Desert Island Marathon in Maine February: Galveston Marathon March: Mississippi 50 April: GSER 100k here in Atlanta

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Only do it if it’s fun, I stepped away from ultras back in 2017 because it wasn’t fun anymore. Now I can’t wait to return in 2021.