Erik Schulte

I started running ultras because I wanted to figure out a way I could consume more peanut butter on a daily basis. Since then, I have developed a passion for moving efficiently through rough and technical terrain.

I live in Reno, NV. My home range is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. My spirit animal is a Fox.


Favorite Beer: Mammoth Brewing’s 395 IPA

Guilty Pleasure: Peanut butter

Other Hobbies: Eating peanut butter, listening to Willie Nelson, climbing, skiing

Best thing about VFuel: It tastes great and goes down easy. There is not a VFuel product I don’t like, but I am partial to the Ginger Twist drink mix

Best Recovery Meal: Peanut butter

Favorite Trail Running Memory:  The last 10 miles of the 2015 AC100. I was living in Pasadena at the time and had run those trails a thousand times. I was in 2nd place, only a couple of minutes off the lead, as everything clicked into place. With the excitement of being home, I (with the coaxing of my pacer, and now VFuel teammate, Chris Price) hammered out the last big descents taking the lead and putting 20 minutes on second place by the finish. 

Running Accomplishments

2016 Mendocino Coast 50K, 4th place
2015 Run the Rut 50K, 23rd place
2015 Angeles Crest 100, 1st place
2015 Zane Grey 50, 3rd place
2014 Golden Gate Trail 50K, 2nd
2014 Zane Grey 50, 5th place
2014 Old Goats 50, 3rd place
2013 Saddleback Mountain Goat Marathon, 3rd place
2013 Run the Rut 50K, 18th place
2013 Leona Divide 50K, 7th place
2012 Mt. Baldy Run to the Top, 11th place
2012 Mt. Ashland Hill Climb, 25th place