Chris Price

I am married to Elissa Price and a new father of an adorable little baby girl who loves to go camping. When I’m not running or spending time with my family, I work as a nurse (RN) in the intensive care unit.

I like super-rugged, mountain courses…that’s my thing. The more climbing the better, as far as I am concerned.

Hometown:  Quincy, CA

Residence:  Montrose, CO

Footwear:  Hoka One One



Favorite Beer: If it’s cold I’m happy.  If it’s made by Sierra Nevada I’m even happier.

Best recovery meal: pizza and/or burritos

Guilty Pleasure:  Listening to Taylor Swift. 

Other Hobbies: Backpacking, fishing, hunting, watching SF Giants baseball.

Best thing about VFuel: It’s easy on the stomach, there are so many great tasting flavors and you can keep them down late in the race!

Favorite running memory:  My pacer, Michael Chamoun, pointing out a herd of elk to me at sunrise towards the end of Hardrock 100.

Running Accomplishments

2016 Desert Rats Trail Running Festival-52.4 Mile, 1st place
2015 North Face Endurance Challenge 50, 15th place
2015 Run the Rut 50K, 12th place
2015 Hardrock 100, 4th place
2015 Jemez Mountain 50, 2nd place
2015 Mokelumne River 50k, 1st place
2015 Black Canyon Ultras-100K, 7th place
2014 Whoos in El Moro 50K, 7th place
2014 Western States 100, 12th place
2014 Bishop High Sierra 100K, 1st place
2014 Zane Grrey 50K, 2nd place
2014 Sean O’Brien 50, 4th place
2013 Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon, 2nd place
2013 Hardrock 100, 4th place
2013 Zane Grey 50, 4th place
2013 Old Goats 50, 1st place
2013 Bandit Ultra Trail Run-50K, 1st place
2013 Ray Miller 50K, 2nd place
2012 Angeles Crest 100, 1st place
2012 Miwok 100K, 2nd place
2012 Old Goats 50, 1st place
2012 Ray Miller 50, 3rd place
2011 Santa Monica Mountains 50K, 1st place
2011 Los Pinos 50K, 1st place
2011 Noble Canyon 50K, 1st place
2011 San Diego 100, 6th place
2011 Leona Divide 50, 4th place
2011 Malibu Creek 50K, 1st place
2011 Bandit Ultra Trail Run 50K, 1st place
2010 Los Pinos 50K, 1st place
2010 Mammoth Lakes 50K, 2nd place
2010 Bulldog 50K, 4th place
2010 Leona Divide 50, 23rd place