Andrea Feucht

Andrea Feucht

I started running XC at 14 and just kept going. First ultra at age 23 (in 1997 when there were, uh, not so many…) and 50 races since then. I’m consistent, not flashy, and I love going into my pain/brain cave.

Hometown: Mayville, WI

Real Job: WRITER (for love (poetry) and for money (copywriting))


Social Media:   strava

Favorite Beer or Wine: Not my thing:)

Guilty Pleasure: ALL the popcorn

Other Hobbies: Finding pretty rocks, mind expansion.

Pets: No pets

Best thing about VFuel: VFuel has flavors that never seem to get old.

Best recovery meal: Broccoli stir fry with liver (no joke)

Favorite trail running memory: My entire Buffalo Run 100 in 2019. It was just a perfect day.

Schedule: I run 50-ish miles weekly, low doubles during the week and 20-30 miles on the weekends.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Mobility work is your friend. LOVE what you do. Read David Roche.

Athletic Accomplishments:

3-time Hardrock 100 finisher

Winner of Buffalo Run 100 2019

I set a new 50K PR at age 44 (14 years after previous PR)