Strauss Bourdon

Strauss Bourdon

I loved cycling and hated running. One morning I woke up and said I'm going to run a marathon. I did that and said that I would never run again. Here I am now, preparing for a 100 mile race and loving running.

Hometown:  McAllen, TX

Real Job:  full time at UTRGV (Chem major)

Social Media: facebook strava instagram

Favorite Beer or Wine: Dos Equis

Guilty Pleasure: Singing my heart out while driving

Other Hobbies: Fishing, cycling, outdoor adventures

Pets: White Lab named Millie

Best thing about VFuel: Stopping gut bombs

Best recovery meal: Pizza or Whataburger

Other Accomplishments: Playing ultimate frisbee on my university's team. Finishing an olympic distance triathlon

Schedule: Leadville in August and other races will be based on that.

Any advice you want to share with a new athlete?: Take time to enjoy the beauty of nature. Have fun and fall in love with your sport.